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Indonesia's postal service is reliable, if not terribly fast. Kilat (express) service is only slightly more expensive and much faster. Kilat khusus (domestic special delivery) will get there overnight. International express mail gets postcards and letters to North America or Europe in about 7 days from most cities.

Kantor pos (post offices) are found in every little village in Bali, open 8 am-2 pm every day except Sunday. The main post office in Denpasar (JI. Raya Puputan, Renon) remains open until 8 pm. Most close from noon to 1 pm for lunch.

Post offices are often busy and it can be a tedious process to line up at one window for weighing, another window for stamps, etc. Hotels will normally sell stamps and post letters for you, or you can use private postal agents to avoid hassles. Look for the orange Agen Kantor Pos (postal agency) signs.

Poste Restante service is usually reliable, but it is advisable to choose more important towns such as Kuta or Ubud. Some post offices ask for ID and may also charge a fee before handing over your letters.


Telephone and Fax

Long distance phone calls, both within Indonesia and international, are handled by satellite. Domestic long distance calls can be dialed from most phones. To dial your own international calls, find an IDD (International Direct Dial) phone and dial "001" or "008, " otherwise you must go via the operator, which is far more expensive.

A magnetic debit (kartu telpon) phone card can be purchased at hotels, post offices and many other outlets. This is used on card phones, which are increasing in popularity, eliminating the need for small change.

If your hotel has no IDD link you have to go to the main telephone office (kantor telepon), use a silver card phone (kartu telpon) and pay an uninflected rate or use a private postal and telephone service: Wartel (warung telekommunikasi) warpostel / warparpostel. These small "telkom shops" are all over Indonesia and the most convenient way to call international (you avoid hotel price hikes). They are often run by well-trained, efficient staff and offer fast I DID services at near standard rates. Open daily 8 am -10 pm or 11 pm; some open 24 hours. Rates per minute are about $2.30 to the Americas and $3.10 to most European countries. Night rates are slightly lower.

International calls via MCI, Sprint, ATF, and the like can be made from IDD phones using the access code for your calling card company. Recently, special telephones have been installed in some airports with pre-programmed buttons to connect you via these companies to various countries.

Faxes can be sent and received at wartel offices and most main post offices.



E-mail and internet services are available at many wartel, the main post office and an increasingly number of cyber cafes.


Courier Services

Some of the big international courier outfits operate in Indonesia, along with some domestic ones. TNT Express Worldwide and Elteha International are probably the most reliable in Indonesia. Bali offices include:

  • PT. Khrisna Bali International Cargo
    Jl. Blambangan 8x Kuta Bali Indonesia ( 80361 )
  • Elteha International
    J1. Diponegoro, Komplek Pertokoan Diponegoro Megah, Denpasar
  • Indo Exspres
    J1. Raya Sesetan 37, Denpasar
  • Federal Express
    JI. Bypass Ngurah Rai 100X
  • MSA
    JI. Hayam Wuruk 128, Denpasar
  • TNT Express Worldwide
    JI. Teuku Umar 88E, Denpasar
  • UPS
    Jl. Imam Bonjol 336K, Denpasar
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