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Full fill your holiday on Bali with activities endeavors, there are a wealth of options to choose from. Fun, attractive and adventurous activities such as romantic cruise, dolphin tour, diving, fishing and snorkeling, wind-surfing, jet ski, or surf the wild wave, adventurous white water rafting, or pump up the adrenaline with bungee jumping, sling shot. For those inclined to pursue land exploration would be excited with jungle trekking and mountain hiking through the undisturbed rain forest or bicycling over the Balinese traditional villages. It will be an amazing holiday to remember.
East of Bali stretches a chain of tropical islands which have hardly changed in centuries. The islands around Komodo are also the only place in the world where you can still see large, fierce reptiles, descendants of the carnivorous Dinosaurs which survived only here on these islands from the Jurassic age over 130 million years ago.
Land Cruises
Experience the mystical heart and soul of this amazing island, hidden far away from the bustle and the crowds of the Bali you have already seen. Travel by legendary Land Rover, ATV Ride or Quad Discovery to visit a traditional farmhouse where our picnic basket will opened while you discover the fragrant spices in tropical garden.
Cruising & Sailing
The astonishing alternative of disparity activities in Bali means that there is certainly something for everyone. The beach is a main feature in any island holiday and Bali has seashore which offers every possible water activity including surfing some of the best waves in the world.
Marine Sport
A promontory stretching from Nusa Dua into the sea, Tanjung Benoa boasts of a beautiful beach. Water Sports of all kinds can be enjoyed here. Accommodation is available in several four star hotels, and there are seafood restaurants as well.
Seeing Bali by pushbike has become very popular in recent years, and Bali may not seem like a place for a bicycle tour, with its tropical heat, heavy traffic, frequent rain showers and high mountains. However, the breeze as you ride on the level or downhill really moderates the heat, and once you're out of the congested southern region the traffic is relatively light.
Enjoy a screaming sensation along the river-flow; feel your heart beat faster then ever on a natural "water-slide" and refresh your mind by seeing natural gardens along the riverside. Test your courage while jumping from three-meter waterflow and pass the waterfall. All can be enjoyed in Bali's rafting.
A diving experience in Bali is purely amazing and unique. Bali has an extremely wide range of dive sites to be explored on either day trips or submarine safaris; all easily made from Kuta-Legian and its surrounding areas. Bali's warm waters are abundant with extensive coral reefs, magnificent marine life and gorgonian fans.
Ridding Safari
Located in Kerobokan in Kuta and surrounded by beautiful paddy terraces, Umalas Stable offers horse riding, riding lessons at all levels as well as tours. Experienced instructors, well-trained horses and the latest riding and safety equipment are provided. The dressage, lunging and show jumping lesson are conducted in a riding hall and outside arena measuring 25 x 25 meters .
Dolphin Tour
A Dolphin is a kind of mammal that lives in water. This animal is absolutely no danger to human. Watching the dolphins in aquariums is very different than watching them in their own home, the ocean. For some time before dolphins can be watched at the north of Bali Island, but that's far enough from Denpasar city.
The best way to experience the underwater world is diving. Enjoy shoals of fish swimming around you; even swim together with turtle and snips. But if you are worried about diving, try snorkeling instead. Bali has numerous diving and snorkeling sites, spread along its coast.
Fishing & Trawling
Fishing areas vary according to fish targeted and prevailing sea conditions, within a range of 30-45 minutes from benoa harbor. Encompassing and area from Uluwatu to Nusa Penida and Lembongan Island Bali Island is surrounded by Indian Ocean and Lombok strait which is rich of many varieties of fish such as: Tuna, Mahi - Mahi, Marlin, Mackerel and many others.
To really experience this, then trekking or cycling must be your choice. These facilities are well organized tour operators in Bali since there is a high demand. There is much on offer - hiking or mountain trekking, rice paddy trekking, jungle trekking and beach trekking.
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